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Oleotecnica has built its success with targeted policies that have allowed it to achieve consolidated objectives over the years.

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Two photovoltaic systems are installed on the roofs of our offices, the production systems and the warehouses of the plant generating an overall power of about 800 KWP.


The two different units, one equipped with monocrystalline silicon cells, the other with polycrystalline solar panels, allow achieving the highest electrical conversion rate both at high and low temperatures.

The photovoltaic systems cover an overall area of more than 6.000 square meters

With such systems, Oleotecnica has managed to self-produce almost 85% of its energy needs



Cutting-edge oil tank and mixers fleet

The Production department has been invested in significantly which has allowed expanding oil tanks and mixers both in number as well as in terms of automation.

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Storing packed and loose products

The capacity of storing raw materials and finished products has grown just as much as the expansion of the productive capacity. Oleotecnica has a range of more than 60 storage tanks for raw materials and additives and 45 mixers for processing.

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Efficiency serving quality

All the incoming raw materials are analyzed before being unloaded to check their consistency with the manufacturer’s specifications. Every production cycle ends by analyzing the product to verify it fits with Oleotecnica and/or Client specifications.

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Services offered

These prerogatives enable Oleotecnica to satisfy a wide range of requests and carry out rapid and timely deliveries: from the 125 ml lubricator to the over 35.000-liter tanker lorry.

Customized packaging

Oleotecnica products, in standard and special formulations, engineered to customer specifications, are supplied in traditional containers, in drums, in “IBC” (large 1.000 L barrels) or bulk in trailers of at least 4.000 L.

Technical support

Technical support for lubrication datasheets development, health and safety plans, information datasheets for correct product use, also referred to the European standards and directives applicable to mineral oils.

Developing customized products

Oleotecnica R&D laboratories are designed to create new products and to fulfill clients specific needs. Oleotecnica provides a systematic control of raw materials and formulated products, as well as monitoring the effective on-field performance of various products supplied to costumers.

Customs clearance and Tax advice

Advice and assistance for customs clearance (formerly called U.T.F.) applied to correct handling of petroleum-based products, declarations of use, issue of authorizations.



A new thermal power plant

A big and new thermal power plant in order to allow Oleotecnica's growth and strenght in the market.

10 Jan 2022

GOLD Ecovadis Score 2021

Our new improved Ecovadis score on our social and environmental performance. Oleotecnica demonstrates its ability to bring under control the social and environmental risks.

26 Nov 2021

Oleotecnica keeps growing

New investments in production and mixing plant, in order to have more storage capacity and to be more competitive in the market.

23 Jun 2021
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