Plants and depots

Storing packed and loose products

The storage capacity of raw materials and finished products has grown just as much as the expansion of the productive capacity.

Oleotecnica has a range of about 60 storage tanks for raw materials and additives, as well as 45 mixers for processing.. Tanks and mixers are in INOX AISI 304 stainless steel, as all our service pipelines.

The initial philosophy has remained the same, relying on the development of various systems in the years. The current facility enables us to treat even the most delicate products safely, like Medicinal white oils and High viscosity oils and/or oils sensitive to low temperatures.

The mixers can be heated with hot water or diathermic oil, according to the optimal temperature required for each specific process.

The storage tanks are almost all placed in different underground bunkers that provide protection against atmospheric agents and maintain a practically constant atmospheric temperature throughout the seasons.

The storing capacity is over 5.000 m3, shared among tanks for loose products and conditioned products, stored in our roofed warehouses of over 12.000 m2 and equipped with rack systems.

Moreover, the distribution system of loose products within the company has been designed so as to avoid contamination thus ensuring the utmost quality of our products.

Customized packaging

Oleotecnica products, in standard and special formulations, engineered to customer specifications, are supplied in traditional containers, in drums, in “IBC” (large 1.000 L barrels) or bulk in trailers of at least 4.000 L.

Furthermore products are supplied in pails and jerrycans, in special containers with the customer logo, including small tanks of 5L, 1L, ½ L, oil feeders and cartridges.

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