Our modern laboratories are always thriving to find new raw materials, improve the performance of our products, develop new high tech ones which manage to satisfy the most demanding needs, abiding by the laws on safety regulating handling and storage.

To such aim, Oleotecnica has adopted the requisites provided for by the standards regulating Safety, Environment and Quality and has drawn up its own ”Policy on Health, Safety and Quality” conforming to DL 231/2001, involving all personnel on the continuous improvement of corporate processes and the provision of services, respecting ethics, the environment and health and safety conditions on the workplace.

The conscientiousness and efficiency of the department are, for Oleotecnica and its Clients, assurance of the quality of its finished products.

All the inbound raw materials are checked before being unloaded,to verify their conformity with producer specifications. Every production cycle ends with an analysis of the product to check that it conforms to Oleotecnica and/or Client specifications.