Hydraulic fluids for shock absorbers

Hydraulic fluids

FLUIDS FOR SHOCK ABSORBERS are high quality wear-resistant hydraulic oils, formulated to serve modern systems operating in very severe conditions. They feature a high viscosity index, thus, as temperatures vary, they have a very limited variation in viscosity respect to traditional oils. moreover, they have a low pour point which allows use even at very rigid temperatures.

Hydraulic fluids for shock absorbers
Properties and Benefits

FLUIDS FOR SHOCK ABSORBERS, thanks to their specific formulation, protect materials from wear, corrosion, rust and they resist alterations due to temperature. The additive that improves the viscosity index is very resistant to strains due to running and does not thus have any significant drops in viscosity during use.

Fluids for shock absorbers are compatible with rubber gaskets and elastomeric components normally used with mineral oil.

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

FLUIDS FOR SHOCK ABSORBERS amply satisfy the specific lubrication needs of hydraulic systems for specific uses such as: suspensions, automatic gate openers, shafts and other hydraulic equipment subject to ample temperature changes. In such circumstances, normal hydraulic oils might not be apt due to excessive thickening at low temperatures and high fluidity at high temperatures with consequent lack or irregular operation of the hydraulic control.

They can be formulated upon specific request of the client.

They are available in bulk and packaged.

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