Oils for oleodynamic controls

Hydraulic fluids

HYDRAULIC OILS are mineral oils, of paraffinic nature, highly refined and additivated with a multifunctional package to enhance the viscosity index, lower the pour point, protect materials from wear, corrosion and rust, restrict the formation of foam and resist alteration of the oil due to temperature.

There is a wide range of formulation versions and viscosity, so as to satisfy the various applicative needs of clients and specific requests from manufacturers.

Oils for oleodynamic controls
Properties and Benefits

HYDRAULIC OILS ensure very low wear and excellent protection against corrosion, thus ensuring its components a long life. Moreover, they have a high chemical stability so as to avoid alteration of their charge and thus prevent deposits forming both in the hydraulic system as well as in the tank.

They are compatible with the various types of metals of the hydraulic system and with the sealing gaskets, so as to avoid any risks due to swelling. They resist the formation of foam effectively.

Their high viscosity index and low pour point allow minimum power absorption and a limited change in viscosity as temperatures vary, facilitating start up at low temperatures.

Good demulsivity and filterability complete their set of features allowing the oil to be maintained in its best operating conditions.

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

HYDRAULIC OILS are available in a number of versions that amply satisfy the lubricating needs of hydraulic systems (in all the various industries and applications), hydrostatic transmissions and hydrodynamic joints, rotary screw air compressors as well as reducers and gearings.


They are normally employed in oleodynamic controls of elevators, tooling machines, presses, operating machines, forklifts, cranes, as well as in cranks, multipliers, regulators, rolling bearings, alternative pumps, centrifuges, tooling machines, trailblazers, loaders, elevators, excavators, snow ploughs, hydraulic flap-gates in the mountains.


Hydraulic oils additivated to achieve a high index of viscosity are apt for oleodynamic circuits of stationary and mobile machinery, especially if they undergo significant changes in temperature, that is, operate in the open even in extremely low temperatures 


The advanced technology of anti-wear additives, ash-free, of hydraulic oils ensures optimal protection against corrosion of copper-based yellow alloys and thus enabling components to last longer.


HYDRAULIC OILS are available in bulk and packed, with different viscosities and additives.

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