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ANTIFREEZE is a synthetic fluid, with excellent chemical stability which can be mixed completely in any proportion with demineralized water. Free from ammine and nitrite pollutants, nor phosphates which tend to deposit.

Protects from freezing, boiling, corrosion and cavitation of the cooling system.

It is a concentrated product and thus cannot be used pure but must be diluted in water.

Properties and Benefits

ANTIFREEZE contains specific additives that ensures:

  •        protection from corrosion and rust
  •        protection from overheating
  •        extended life cycle of the cooling system
  •        protection from deposits and scales forming
  •        protection from foams forming.

ANTIFREEZE does not have any swelling action nor does it stick to the rubber sleeves, sealing gaskets or any other plastic component. It is not aggressive on metals like aluminum, copper and welding alloys.

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

ANTIFREEZE is used in cooling circuits of motor vehicles for long-term protection from freezing and corrosion. Thanks to its features, it lowers the freezing point of water and thus prevents cracking of the engine block, cylinder head and radiator due to increases in volume when water solidifies.

ANTIFREEZE is also used in cooling circuits or industrial air conditioning, specifically when the piping covers extensive external areas subject to rigid winter conditions.


It meets the following regulations:

  •        ASTM D 3306
  •        CUNA 956-16 ed. 2012
  •        BS 6580
  •        AFNOR NF R 15-601
  •        ASTM D 1384

ANTIFREEZE is available in bulk or packaged.

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