Motor oils

Motor Oils

MOTOR OILS are monograde and multigrade oils to lubricate diesel and petrol, aspirated or turbocompressed engines. Monograde oils are formulated with refined mineral base oil and special additives with a low content of ashes. Multigrade oils are formulated with high quality base oil with a high viscosity index, enhanced with special additives.

We are able to formulate any type of motor oil. Passengers car, heavy duty, agriculture and marine , according to the specific requests of our clients.

Our lubricants satisfy ACEA, OEM etc. specifications as well as those of the main engine and differentials manufacturers.

Motor oils
Properties and Benefits

MOTOR OILS feature multiple characteristics to meet the lubrication needs of various types of engines of any brand and power, ensuring:

Optimal cleansing of the engine, excellent protection of mechanical parts, low content of ash, high resistance to oxidation, effective lubrication in all environmental conditions, excellent features against wear, rust and corrosion, long-lasting catalyzer filters, excellent stability at high temperatures, high cleansing action to keep the motor clean in heavy duty use, constant lubrication and protection of the turbocompressor bearings.

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

MOTOR OILS are employed to lubricate the friction between mechanical parts of engines.

They are employed in LIGHT – HEAVY DUTY – AGRICULTURAL -MARINE uses Automotive oils are available in bulk as well as packaged.

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Motor Oils

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