ISOPARAFFINS are high purity fluids, obtained from strict refining processes which give them constant and uniform quality, as well as one of the tightest boiling intervals among hydrocarbon fluids.

Their high degree of purity, matched with specific thermal features, offer benefits both for use in industrial processes as well as in end user applications.

Properties and Benefits

ISOPARAFFINS are essentially odorless fluids which allow improving comfort both for workers as well as final users. Their very low aromatic content reduces exposure risks to the minimum, while the tight boiling interval shows the optimal combination between the flash point and drying times.

They have a low freezing point, low electrical conductivity and low surface tension which improves its wettability and distribution on the surface.

Its high chemical stability allows the final product to last longer.  

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

ISOPARAFFINS are used in various sectors, such as:

  •        Deodorants
  •        Decorative paints
  •        Spark machining
  •        Fluids for metal/oil milling machinery
  •        Personal hygiene products
  •        Detergents for industrial and domestic cleaning and polishing
  •        Insecticides (spray)
  •        Chemical products for water treatment
  •        Liquid toners for printing
  •        Tilling protection
  •        Polishes and waxes
  •        Fluids for freeze-drying systems
  •        Polymerization processes
  •        Sealants
  •        Alkyd paints
  •        Food for animals
  •        Liquids for barbecues
  •        Fluids for couplers
  •        Cosmetics
  •        Thinners
  •        Elastomeric based adhesives
  •        Cutting fluids
  •        Photocopying
  •        Textile accessories
  •        Antifoamants
  •        Inks
  •        Production of polyolefins
  •        Lowering of polveri in cereal silos
  •        Water treatment
  •        Non-aqueous hand detergents
  •        Stain removers
  •        Full diluents in polymerization processes
  •        Reactive and auxiliary diluents in producing polyacrylamides

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