KEROSENE is a compound mix of hydrocarbons obtained through distillation of crude oil.  The mix is mainly made up of hydrocarbons with a number of Corbin atoms mainly in the interval C 9 - C 16.

It appears as a colorless liquid, clear, with a typical smell of hydrocarbons; it is practically insoluble in water and the soluble part is mainly made up of aromatic hydrocarbons.

Properties and Benefits

KEROSENE has a high solvent power.

It is thus used to dilute paint, wax, etc...and as a degreaser for surfaces.

Its purity makes the product stable and it not deteriorate.

Its speed of evaporation is quite low.

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

KEROSENE is used industrially and professionally.

It is used as raw material in formulating substances and industrial mixtures for coating; in lubricants for industrial cleaning and degreasing; as lubricant in fluids for processing of metals /laminating and as a binding and releasing agent.

KEROSENE is available pure or denatured.

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