GREASES can essentially be divided in two groups : conventional or infusible.

  1. Conventional: are metal-soap  based, in particular, the most versatile are the Lithium soap greases.
  2. Infusible: formulated with a specific thickening agent that provides excellent performance at high temperatures otherwise unachievable with conventional greases.
Properties and Benefits

1. Conventional greases

Lithium soap greases have these main features:

  •     Resistance to heat with a drop point up to 180°C
  •     Mechanical stability even in presence of vibrations
  •     Resistance to water, that is, wash-out
  •     High against rust and corrosion

They are available in the normal and EP versions, additivated to resist high loads  in conditions of extreme pressures and stringy with high adhesive power.

2. Infusible greases.

Their main features are :

  •     Chemical and mechanical stability that ensure long lasting use
  •     Resistance to high loads in the EP and molybdenum bisulphate versions
  •     High protection against wear

Water-resistant, that is, against wash-out

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

GREASES are preferable to oils for unreachable bearings, to avoid dripping or spraying or when lubrication is needed in presence of dust or dirt.

  1. Conventional Lithium soap greases:
    • They are universal greases for radiant, radial bushings and/or cylindrical rollers and ballbearings. 
    • Viscous greases, with high adhesive power, are suitable for lubricating open gears (without crankcases) to lubricate with a centralized power pump, with a hand tekalemit pump or for radial bushings and/or cylindrical rollers and ballbearings.

      They meet the following specifications

      • DIN 51825
      • K 1-2 / K-20
      • ISO 6743-9
      • L-XBCEA 1-2
    • I grassi additivati per Estreme Pressioni trovano applicazione per la lubrificazione centralizzata o manuale di cuscinetti volventi a rulli conici e reggispinta, giunti flessibili, viti di regolazione e traslazione, ingranaggi in carter, tutti in condizioni di sovraccarico. In generale per cinematismi che richiedano prestazioni superiori rispetto ad un normale grasso al litio.   

      They meet the following specifications

      • DIN 51825
      • K 1-2 K-20
      • ISO 6743-9
      • L-XBCEA 1-2
      • SKF R2F a 120°C
  2. High-temperature greases:
    • these are suitable to lubricate plain shaft or roller bearings, rack bearings, reduction gears, joints and generally, mechanical parts undergoing high running temperatures continuously. 
    • GREASES are available in Lithium soap with Extreme Pressure additives or stringy, or conventional or molybdenum disulfide.
    • According to their required use, conventional and high-temperature greases have a wide range of consistencies and gradings : from semi-fluid to pasty.

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