Slideways systems


The OIL FOR SLIDEWAYS SYSTEMS are formulated with highly refined mineral bases oil and specially additivated to prevent and eliminate stick–slip. This inconvenient of the discontinuous motion of the slide happens when the load/speed ratio is so high to cancel the effect of the lubricating layer between the metals.

Slideways systems
Properties and Benefits

The main features of OIL FOR SLIDEWAYS SYSTEMS are:

  • Reducing static friction, eliminating stick-slip
  • Apt greasiness to favor lubrication of parts subject to mutual rubbing
  • High anti-wear action
  • Good viscosity index
  • Resistance to alteration that favors long lasting operations
  • Excellent features to prevent corrosion
  • Good adhesion with less oil consumption
Applications, Specifications and Approvals

OILS FOR SLIDEWAYS SYSTEMS are multifunction oils apt, according to their viscosity, for lubricating the various sets making up tooling machines or work centers.

For example: horizontal and vertical guideways, hydraulic systems, rolling and radial bearings, cased gearings, worm gearboxes / helical gear wheel, adjustment and displacement screws, ballscrews.

They meet the following requirements:

  • ISO LG 220
  • ISO LHG 32-220
  • DIN 51502 CGLP

Oils for slideways systems are available both in bulk and packaged.

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