Diathermic oils


DIATHERMIC OILS are high quality mineral oils, undergoing specific refining processes that ensure long-lasting service thanks to their excellent resistance to thermal cracking and chemical oxidation; moreover, their high specific heat, high thermal conductivity provide quick heat loss.

Diathermic oils
Properties and Benefits

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

DIATHERMIC OILS have the following properties:

  • thermal and chemical stability so as to resist phenomena like molecules breaking (cracking) and degrading, especially at high temperatures
  • chemical inertia and thus absence of aggressive and corrosive action on metals
  • high flash point
  • low viscosity to lower the energy needed to make the fluid flow

organoleptic features, meaning absence of unpleasant smells at low and high temperatures.

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

For their function as thermal carriers DIATHERMIC OILS are used in:

  • Indirect, closed , sealed chamber heating and cooling systems
  • Systems with an open or closed expansion vessel, heated with a burner even if operated intermittently due to frequent cold start-ups or alternated periods of heating and cooling.
  • Systems with a closed expansion vessel, heated with a single-ended tube high-velocity burner.
  • For bain-marie heating where the surface of the hot oil is in direct contact with the atmosphere, as long as the temperature of the oil does not exceed the highest recommended temperature.
  • For heating with electric tubular heating element having a surface power density of : 1,5 watt/cm2 with natural thermal siphon circulation; 6 watt/cm2 with forced circulation through a pump for operating temperatures of 300 °C max.
  • For heating through a burner in open-vented systems with a single-ended tube high-velocity burner.
  • For twin-cycle freeze-drying systems (heating and cooling in the range -50° to + 80°C)

DIATHERMIC OILS are available in various viscosities, according to their use, in bulk and packed.

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