Oils for circulation systems


OILS FOR CIRCULATION SYSTEMS are high quality oils, from selected paraffinic bases additivated with oxidation, rust and corrosion inhibitors.

Oils for circulation systems
Properties and Benefits

The particular additives of oils for circulation systems provides them with high demulsivity (i.e. rapid separation of water), excellent resistance to the formation of foam and withholding of air, optimal resistance to oxidation and aging, high viscosity index and a low pour point, especially in the lower viscosity range.

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

OILS FOR CIRCULATION SYSTEMS are recommended for use in centralized lubrication systems and not only. Specifically, for roller bearings, gearheads and gears, crank gears not requiring oils with EP type or anti-wear additives.


OILS FOR CIRCULATION SYSTEMS are available in different viscosities according to the client’s needs.

They are available in bulk and packed.

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