Oils for refridgerator compressors


OILS FOR REFRIDGERATING COMPRESSORS are selected naphthenic mineral oils, obtained from very narrow and strictly hydrogenated distillation fractions.

Oils for refridgerator compressors
Properties and Benefits

OILS FOR REFRIDGERATING COMPRESSORS have particular qualities , such as :

  • Low pour point to remain fluid at cold temperatures that are generated within the refrigerating circuits.
  • Excellent chemical inertia to prevent reactions with refrigerating fluid.
  • Optimal thermal stability to remain unchanged at high temperatures after  compression and make the lubricant last longer.
  • Good lubrication property the kinematic couplings of the machine.
  • Low volatility to minimize oil flow by the refrigerating fluid and the consequent build-up in the evaporators.
  • Less formation of emulsions or sludges in a humid environment or moisture traces.
  • Compatibility of all metals and gaskets which use mineral-based lubricants.
Applications, Specifications and Approvals

They are employed for lubricating refrigerating compressors, be they reciprocating, both piston and palette, rotary screw or centrifugal, in air or specific gas compressors, for tools or pneumatic actuators, and in all those cases where, due to the operating temperature, lubricants with very low pour points are required.

OILS FOR REFRIGERATING COMPRESSORS are apt for compressors having the following refrigerating fluids: ammonia, R12, R22, as long as a particularly low floc point is required. Any water pollution of lubricating oil causes resistant emulsions forming that compromise lubrication, causing rapid wear and malfunctioning of the compressor.

OILS FOR REFRIGERATING COMPRESSORS are available in various viscosities and flash points. Moreover, they do not require any labelling given its content of aromatic extracts by DMSO, using the IP 346 method, is lower than the limits allowed by law.

They are available both in bulk and packaged.

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