Oils for gears and gearboxes


Oils for gears and gearboxes are high quality mineral oils, obtained from solvent-refined paraffinic bases containing rust -preventing, anticorrosive, anti-foaming and Extreme Pressures additives.

Oils for gears and gearboxes
Properties and Benefits

Thanks to the specific choice of additives, oils for gears and gearboxes, have high thermal and chemical stability and, high load capacity of the lubricating layer and excellent antifoaming properties. The EP sulfur and phosphorous additives used are compatible with all ferrous and non-ferrous metals normally used in industrial gearboxes.

Different widths and viscosities are available, apt to satisfy the needs of gears and gearboxes  manufacturers.

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

Oils for gears and gearboxes are suitable for circulation and oil bath lubricating and industrial gearboxes, specifically cylindrical and bevel gearing, with straight and helicoidal cogs, for wormshaft torques – worm wheel, operating in severe load conditions and temperatures (up to 120 °C).


They meet the main specifications for such applications, such as: 

FZG A 8,3/90

DIN 51517, Part 3.

U.S.Steel 224

David Brown S1.53.101( E )

AGMA 9005-D94

ISO 12925-1

Timken load : 60 lbs

4EP bearings with 250 kg welding load

Oils for gearboxes are available in bulk and packed.

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