Paraffinic mineral oils

Paraffinic and Naphtenic Oils

Paraffinic oils are pure highly-refined mineral bases of paraffinic origin, featuring high resistance to oxidation and high demulsivity.

Paraffinic mineral oils
Properties and Benefits

Paraffinic mineral oils have the following natural properties :

  • high flash point, especially in their highest grades of viscosity;
  • chemical inertia regarding metals and their alloys as free from any additives;
  • compatibility with other oils : being pure minerals they can be mixed with other oils, be they pure or additivated;
  • high viscosity index : changes in viscosity are limited with changes in temperature. Oil becomes moderately viscous at relatively low temperatures and not too fluid at high ones;
  • pour point is sufficiently low and adequate for generic lubrication in not particularly rigid winter conditions;
  • high thermo-oxidative stability: resistance to molecular breaking (pyroscission or cracking) and degradation at high temperatures.
Applications, Specifications and Approvals

Paraffinic mineral oils are used in a wide range of applications including :

  • raw materials for industry (also see PROCESS OILS);
  • forced circulation systems for oil (flat and rolling bearings);
  • air compressors;
  • idle pumps;
  • reducers and gearings when lubricants without Extreme Pressure additives are not required.

Paraffinic mineral oils are available in bulk and packaged.

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