Technical white oils

Paraffinic and Naphtenic Oils

Technical white oils are made from selected crude oil and undergo strict refining processes which make them apt for all those applications requiring a non-toxic product without pharmaceutical purity.

Technical white oils
Properties and Benefits

White technical process oils are composed of hydrocarbons, mainly paraffinic, which provide chemical inertia and optimal resistance to oxidation and light.

They are colorless and odorless. They also have low solvent point and are compatible with most elastomers.

Their high flash point ensures a very low volatility so as to avoid losses due to evaporation in high-temperature applications.

They are available in various viscosities, from the more fluid to the more viscous.

Their high degree of purity makes them conform fully with the requisites provided for by Regulation 272/2013 CE, regarding restrictions on chemicals (REACH) regarding aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons.

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

White technical oils are particularly apt in all those applications requiring a particularly fluid non-toxic stable product.

They are used in formulating highly pure lubricants and as process oils in the rubber, plastic and resin industries, including adhesive glues, in household items, tools for domestic use, clothing, shoes, masks, sports equipment, straps, etc...

TECHNICAL WHITE OILS are available in bulk and packaged, pure or denatured.

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