Forming and moulding fluids


EVAPORABLE FLUIDS FOR DRAWING AND MOLDING of ironmongery, light metals and aluminum they are colorless minerals, aliphatic, with a high degree of purity, low aromatic content, faint odor, low volatility and high flashpoint.

They are also available with Food Grade technology, odorless and colorless, composed of highly refined paraffinic hydrocarbons with additives having a high chemical stability and being nontoxic.

The high flashpoint and purity ensure safety for operators and the workplace.

Forming and moulding fluids
Properties and Benefits

EVAPORABLE FLUIDS for drawing and molding are inert against most of the metals present on molding machines, like steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, titanium and their alloys.

For use in products which involve indirect or accidental contact with food, they conform to F.D.A. regulations (Food and Drug Administration) 178.3910,178.3570,178.3620 (b2).

A high rate of evaporation, essential to obtain a clean and dry product, completes their range of properties.

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

FLUIDS conforming to FDA regulations are dedicated to drawing and molding of aluminum capsules of containers to be used in the food sector, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals as well as other features related to them.

Evaporable fluids for drawing and molding are available in various formulations, according to clients’ needs.

They are available in bulk and packaged.

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