Protective fluids


PROTECTIVE, RUST PREVENTIVE AND DEBLOCKING FLUIDS are products formulated either only for temporary protection of metal surfaces from rust or multifunctional, purposely studied to meet the various needs for maintenance, deblocking, cleaning and rust protection in the mechanical, car, DIY industries etc

Protective fluids
Properties and Benefits

PROTECTIVE, RUST PREVENTIVE AND DEBLOCKING FLUIDS, formulated solely as protective coating, contain specific antirust particles dissolved in a specific solvent which, evaporating, leave pieces covered by a uniform film. Effectiveness is influenced by the storage conditions of pieces . They are generally guaranteed for 4/5 months, in a closed and dry place, for packaged pieces.

As a protective, rust preventing and deblocking fluid instead, a particular formula is apt even in difficult cases of seizure and oxidation. In such case, the rust preventing and deblocking fluids penetrate rapidly and free the pieces with considerable efficacy. Adherence to the metal allows very rapid penetration by capillarity in the porosity of the metal, thus passing through rust and the corrosive layer.

The high adherence also enables creating a perfect barrier against humidity, completely covering any surface, even those with micro-irregularities.

Once formed, the film ensures protection against humidity, freezing and any corrosive effects. It protects against oxidation and corrosion even in the most critical conditions and its action is lasting and preventive.

One of the main components of the rust preventing and deblocking fluids is an active and permanent lubricant. They do not contain silicone, lanoline or additives that may attract dust or dirt. The components are lubricated perfectly in a clean manner.

Rust preventing and deblocking fluids also carry out a deterging action easily eliminating grease, tar, glue, etc. from any non-porous surface.

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

PROTECTIVE, RUST PREVENTIVE AND DEBLOCKING FLUIDS temporarily preserve metal surfaces form rust or, in general, from corrosion of atmospheric agents. They are applied spraying, with a brush and by immersion, moreover they can be easily removed with aromatic and aliphatic solvents such as, petrol and mineral turpentines. Specific additives remove traces of water adhering completely to the surface to be protected. Likewise any fingerprints are neutralized.

Protective, rust preventive and deblocking fluids are particularly apt for freeing seized up parts and rusty, blocked or frozen mechanisms.

Their specific formulation ensures a complete barrier against humidity, freezing and corrosion as well as lasting lubrification of parts without attracting dust or dirt.

They work effectively with nuts, bolts, latches, chains, bearings, hinges, pulleys, conveyor belts, utensils, etc.

Protective, rust preventive and deblocking fluids are available in bulk and packed.

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