Rolling oils


ROLLING OILS are high-quality whole mineral oils, used for cold rolling of aluminum sheets and its alloys. Their extremely low viscosity makes them apt for high-speed rolling and with high reductions per pass.

They have a high flash point, a tight rake angle and practically no content of sulphur and aromatics. Moreover, the absence of odor makes them ideal for rolling aluminum sheets to be used in contact with foods. They meet FDA 21 CFR 178.3910 (a and b) regulations.

Rolling oils
Properties and Benefits

ROLLING OILS reduce the friction coefficient between the cylinders and the roller, thus avoiding slipping. They prevent any gluing phenomena between cylinders and the laminate and they have good cooling proprieties for the cylinders.

They allow achieving a fine surface finishing of the laminate and the complete evaporation of annealing temperatures leaves the laminate stainless.

Their extended use does not change their features. They are easily filtered and ensure optimal protection to the components of the mill. They may be additivated by the user according to their particular needs.

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

ROLLING OILS conform to FDA laws, thus their primary function is rolling aluminum sheets destined in the production of packaging apt for contact with food.

Their features of dielectric rigidity, filterability and refrigerating power allow their use as fluids for electroerosion for finishing machining.

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