Metalloscopy fluid


FLUIDS FOR METALLOSCOPY are petroleum-based mineral oils, composed of highly pure and chemically stable hydrocarbons. They are odorless and colorless, with very low aromatic content, ensuring safety for operators and the working environment.

Metalloscopy fluid
Properties and Benefits

FLUIDS FOR METALLOSCOPY have a very low viscosity that allows high capillarity and strong penetration power, enabling any irregularities arising on the surface to be examined.

Thanks to their features it is thus possible to carry out a non-destructive test of ferromagnetic metals.

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

FLUIDS FOR METALLOSCOPY are used as carrier fluids for detecting powders in non-destructive test of ferromagnetic metals.

The test with penetrating liquids is mainly used in a few classes of production processes (thermal treatments, surface finishing, etc.) which can cause surface defects that are very dangerous as the most serious strains are those acting on the surface.

The check is mainly carried out on metallic materials, but it can be made on metals of other nature, as long as they are inert to the products used for the enquiry and are not too porous.

Penetration of the liquid within a raiser occurs by capillarity and not by gravity; such prerogative, which is the basis for all the check methodology, facilitates inspecting surfaces that are difficult to access regardless of their position.

FLUIDS FOR METALLOSCOPY are available in bulk and packaged, pure or methylated.

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