Spark erosion fluids


FLUIDS FOR ELECTROEROSION are odorless and colorless, highly pure and non-toxic paraffinic mineral oils, formulated for electroerosion in baths. The presence of a dielectric fluid is crucial for the technology to work and achieves various goals: it enables controlling the localization of the spark, it provides ions to generate discharge, removes swarfs from machining and cools the electrode and the piece.

Spark erosion fluids
Properties and Benefits

FLUIDS FOR ELECTROEROSION feature a particular degree of refining, high physicochemical stability, very low tendency to evaporate and a flashpoint that ensures high safety against fire.

The absence of unpleasant odors of aromatic hydrocarbons ensures safeguarding the operator and the environment.

FLUIDS FOR ELECTROEROSION are perfectly transparent for constant visibility of the piece machined, excellent filterability and separation of metallic swarfs, also allowing a high impulse frequency, eliminating dispersion due to electric arcs.

Thanks to their features, they thus allow a considerable reduction in consumption for evaporation and lower wear of the electrode.

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

FLUIDS FOR ELECTROEROSION are particularly suitable for finishing and superfinishing operations requiring sizing precision of the pieces machined.

They regular operation, longer lasting electrodes, constant cleansing of the work area and high cooling power.

FLUIDS FOR ELECTROEROSION are available in bulk and packaged.

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