Non-food vegetable oils


NON-FOOD PLANT OILS are highly refined multifunctional fluids, composed of a mixture of methyl esters of plant based fatty acids.

Non-food vegetable oils
Properties and Benefits

The products, formulated with natural bases, are used in the industries where a spill in the environment could happen as they have a good degradability and are not dangerous for the user.

In the lamps industry, where the product reaches the consumer, it is crucial that the liquid is not dangerous or harmful to health or safeguard of children.

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

The main applications of NON-FOOD PLANT OILS are:

  • Carrier for colorants
  • Fluids for drilling
  • Fluids for chainsaws
  • Production of lubricants
  • Production of greases
  • Fluids for lamps and torches

Used as fluids for lamps, NON-FOOD PLANT OILS are the ideal solution to eliminate (or anyhow reduce to the least possible) the smoke emissions of lights, bulbs and oil lamps.

NON-FOOD PLANT OILS for lamps and torches may be supplied pure or additivated with citronella or geranium.

They are available in bulk and packaged.

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