Oils for inkjet inks


They are products specifically designed for producing inks mainly used in inkjet printing on ceramic tiles.

Oils for inkjet inks
Properties and Benefits

Their main function is to be excellent conveyors to disperse and stabilize a suspension of other components of the formulation of the ink, so contributing to the wetting process of the pigment and facilitating the ink depositing on the product.

They are odorless, colorless, low volatility which are not risky for the operator’s health. Moreover, thanks to their solvent power and their calibrated polarity, allowing the pigments to dissolve completely.

They are carriers available both at low viscosity and at viscosities higher than 20.5 mm2/s at 40°C, not H304 branded.

Applications, Specifications and Approvals

The completion of the product range for inkjet hot pressing on tiles, without forming halos and ensuring complete dispersion of pigments, is made possible thanks to tests and approvals by the main worldwide producers of inks for inkjet printing.

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